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Next Stimulus Check’s Status

Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner from the state of Colorado, was the one who introduced the online petition with the help of her husband. The name of the online petition “change.org.” As for now, the total number of Americans who have given their approval for the petition is 2.8 m.

On the success of her petition, she stated that the main reason for the demand for the recurring stimulus check was the uncertain economy. And it was this uncertainty that was letting people live a fearful life. A number of senators belonging to the Democratic party submitted their letter demanding for the recurring stimulus checks to be provided to the people of the country. Together, the people are demanding the 2000 USD relief aid payments.

Stimulus Check’s Possibility

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It is also to be noted that the rise in the cases of infection of the Delta variant of the coronavirus has only exacerbated the situation. However, nothing can be said about the official status of the payments from the side of the federal government as they have not shown any special interest in it. And whatever legislative developments are taking place in the country, the prospect of the stimulus check is only getting smaller.

And as far as the nature of the statements of President Joe Biden is concerned, they do not provide any hope for the availability of the stimulus checks payments for the future. As of now, the federal aid payments provided by the federal government have been in the form of child tax credit relief payments.

This will be given until the end of the year 2021. And there are a few states who are providing the money to their people. But that is it. The federal government is more focused on the bipartisan infrastructure plan. There will be no further financial assistance in the form of stimulus checks provided by the government to the people. At least until the government notifies.

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