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Monday, October 25, 2021

The SVP of ZBRA has Sold Close to 3000 Shares of the Company

The SVP of ZBRA, Joachim Heel has already sold around 3000 of the company’s shares in a 25th November transaction in the stock market. The average price at which the stocks were sold was $371.13- which put the entire transaction at a price of $1,113,390. After the transaction was completed, it was reported that the SVP now held close to 33,000 shares of ZBRA- which had a total valuation of $12,273,640.23. The Securities and Exchange Commission have the filing of the transaction, as it was disclosed to them. 

The Quarterly Earnings for ZBRA

The stocks of ZBRA recently traded down at a price of $3.05 midday on Monday- where they reached an average price of $373.95. Around 2,424 shares exchanged hands- which had an average volume of 414,119. The market cap of the stock has been set at $20.10 billion, with a P/E ratio of about 41.47, along with a beta of 1.54. The 12-month low of ZBRA is $150.06, while the 12-month high for the same has been fixed at $381.20. The debt-to-equity ratio of the company is 0.55, while the current ratio has been set at 0.79, along with the quick ratio at 0.42. The moving average for the business over 50-days is $318.85, while that of 200-days is $277.01.  

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The quarterly earnings of ZBRA were last released on the 8th of November. The company which produces industrial products had a EPS of $3.27, which comfortably beat out the estimates given by analysts by $0.46. The revenue for the business this quarter was $1.13 billion, while the return on its equity was 34.83% at a net margin of 11.41%. 

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