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There Is More To Lizzy Savetsky’s Sad Story

Real Housewives of New York star Lizzy Savestsky supposedly left the show. It was rumored she was having a problem with her husband. It was later disclosed that there is more to it, and difficulty with the husband is one reason. She left before she could finish the first season.

The Attacks Were Made, Was Affecting Lizzy Savetsky’s Family

During the show, Lizzy Savetsky was the victim of anti-semitic attacks. It was happening so significantly, it became unbearable for her. And she was forced to leave the reality show. It was so much that it started affecting her and her family.

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Things started to go downhill when Lizzy Savetsky started shooting with her co-star Brynn Whitfield.

According to Lizzy Savetsky Jews prefer only Jews to marry, in order to keep their lineage. She is known as the matchmaker and an orthodox. Brynn Whitfield was the one who came to Lizzy and asked her to find a nice Jewish man. Lizzy Savetsky made the concept clear to Brynn Whitfield that Judaism is not just a belief but also people. According to the source, Brynn Whitfield was humiliated by this comment and labeled Lizzy Savetsky as a ‘horrific person who made a such comment about doing wrong to people, not only her but the whole tribe.

Both of them used the N-word quite a few times. It is believed to be true that Brynn used the N-word in full and somehow Lizzy got the idea from Brynn that she planned on telling other castmates that Lizzy herself has used the racial term.

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Lizzy Savetsky’s husband Dr.Ira Savetsky felt this was humiliating and reported the incident to the producers. Not only Lizzy but also her husband used the racial term quite a few times, and it was too late for an apology.

Lizzy Savetsky and her husband decided to leave the show, not only based on the incident between Lizzy and Brynn. Lizzy has faced a lot of bullies on social media as well, which caused harm to her mental health and family.

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