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Friday, January 27, 2023

Tom Schwartz And Katie Maloney Announced Their Separation After 12 Years

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney decided to part their ways after their twelve years of togetherness. Lala Kent is a friend of both of them and cannot stand the fact both of them are upset. 

Lala Kent Expressed Himself About Tom Schwartz And Katie Maloney

Lala Kent used to work with Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney in the Vader pump Rules and described their split after a lifetime as very sad. In a conversation on Amazon Live, he said that the couple’s statements were planned and he somewhere feels that they are still in love. One of their mothers stated that though she is very sad to know about their decision, she said that both of them will always stay close to each other, and individually they have incredible personalities and are very nice people. 

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Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney confirmed this news separately in different Instagram posts. As per a source, the couple did not get intimate for a long time and was dealing with bedroom issues for a while now. The source even added that they have incredible bonding and lived like roommates. However, even after the split, Tom Schwartz will always be a part of Katie’s life. 

In the views of that source, both of them wanted different things in the future as Tom Schwartz wanted his life to become more flexible and Katie wanted a simple traditional marriage. Though they have separated, still they are spending time with each other. They were spotted together in a restaurant for a friendly lunch in Los Angeles and Tom Schwartz posted a photo of their meetup which was reshared by Katie Maloney with the caption that everything is good. 

Katie Maloney stated in a recent podcast that both of them are lying together in the same house for the time being and are hanging out with common friends just like before to make it less serious and not to let them choose between the two. They are trying to be better friends.

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