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Top 5 Crypto Prices That You Need To Keep An Eye On

The sharp rally by Bitcoin has brought the bulls out to play once more. If the crypto price momentum continues then the altcoins that could see a lot of gains are SOL, LINK, and UNI.

BTC rallied 43% from 21st July’s $29,482.61 to 30th July’s $42,316.71. As a result, the sidelined bulls have once more been invigorated. After this sharp rise, analysts are contemplating if BTC will see a repeat of its bullish run from 2017 and 2013.

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The Top-Performing Crypto Prices

The previous few day’s sharp rally is now facing strong resistance at the level of $42,451.67. However, it indicates that buyers still have hope since not much ground has been lost. It also suggests that positions are not being dumped by bulls since they are expecting the upward movement to continue.

In other altcoin news, on 30th July, Uniswap (UNI) increased past the line trending downwards. This invalidates the triangle pattern that was descending. If bulls manage to get the crypto prices over the resistance zone between $23.45 and $25, there may be a rally straight to $30.

On 27th July, Chainlink (LINK) rose past the SMA over 50 days at $18.73. This suggests that the bearish grip is loosening. There was a small hiccup at the $20 psychological level, but the bullish relief rally continued on 30th July. However, at the end of Sunday, the upward movement of the crypto prices might be coming to an end.

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On 31st July, Solana (SOL) was pushed by bulls above its downtrend line. Attempts are on by the bears to get the crypto prices underneath the line once more, trapping the aggressive bullishness. Currently, the advantage is with the buyers. The sentiment will be turning positive if the downtrend line dip is bought by the bulls. 

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