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Tori Spelling On Her Blended Family 

The revelation came out after Jack took the matter on Instagram and held her responsible for the strain on their family dynamic. Tori Spelling who is 49 now, came out on Monday in an episode that her home is now a big blend that consists of her five children with her partner Dean McDermott. Then stepson Jack Montgomery McDermott and the 17-year-old daughter with his ex-wife, Lola Eustace.

She explains that the holiday season has brought all seven children under one roof. PEOPLE’s quest for comment was not immediately dealt with by Mary Jo’s representative. Since she refrained from explaining the cause of the novel living arrangement, the blended family was referred to as the more, the merrier.

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The revelation of the home folks coming together happened after Jack called out on Instagram to the 60-year-old Canadian actress, Tori Spelling, spreading the news about his stepmother, siblings, and father.

Tori Spelling’s Stepson Jack Finally Opening Up About The Divorce

Jack begins his post by talking about the divorce of his parents which took place in 2006 and how he has since then hardly spoken about it. He also talks about his father, Dean’s final words to quit the podcast because of the negativity caused by the producer of the show. He added that as a matter of fact, Mary Jo had been one of the reasons for the strain in the family. He further talks about how his dad has been repenting for his past errors for 17 years and has improved himself since then. 

Up until the previous week, his family had been in peace and the podcast drove a dagger between the two families and created an unmendable division. He sends a direct message to his mother, Tori Spelling, asking her to stop messing up the harmony between the blended family and to respect the honor of his son at the least bit.

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