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Tracee Ellis Ross Enjoyed Easter Holidays With Her Four Siblings

There is a common saying about Easter Holiday that there can be no better bunny than a family in this holiday season. Tracee Ellis Ross, the American actor, recently celebrated Easter with her family and children and gave the fans a peek at her festivities. She posted a series of pictures on Instagram this Sunday. 

Tracee Ellis Ross Shared Pictures Of Her Family Gathering In The Easter Celebration 

In one of the pictures that Tracee Ellis Ross posted, she stood beside four of her siblings, Rhonda Ross, Ross Naess, Evan Ross, and Chudney Ross. In another frame, she stood beside her extended family which was overjoyed with the springtime. She gave the caption thanking @christabmiller and @vdoozer for inviting all of them and stated that she had a lot of fun with her friends and family. 

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The brothers and sisters of Tracee Ellis Ross also posted similar pictures on their Instagram accounts respectively and her sister Chudney uploaded them with a different caption. Chudney, the 46-year-old author and the owner of a bookstore in the state of Los Angeles compared her siblings to funny rabbits and stated that she loves them a lot. 

Evans, the brother of Tracee, along with his wife, Ashlee Simpson Ross uploaded the same photos from the gathering and even gave the same caption. Simpson who is currently 37 years old wished everyone on Easter with her musician and actor husband, Evans. Rhonda, who is currency 50 years old is a motivational speaker and a musician who wished everyone and gave them warm regards from their family to the others. 

Diana Ross was absent from all the posted pictures, a fact, that was pointed out by many fans in the comment section. Many users commented and asked about Diana to which some replied that she was the one taking the photo. Instagram users kept on asking and stated that they are all missing Momma from all the frames.

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