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Track Your CTC Stimulus Check On The Internet Now!

You can now stop worrying about your CTC stimulus payment in July. Instead, you can just track and trace your upcoming CTC stimulus payment for August. On 13th August, next Friday, the upcoming CTC stimulus check will get disbursed. Many families in the US were eligible to receive the payment in July. However, some people are only waiting for this additional cash. The advance payments regarding tax credit of children can contain a maximum amount of $300/ month to every eligible American child. However, the eligibility will be based on the household income and age of the child. 

Why Is Your CTC Stimulus Check Getting Delayed?

There are some reasons behind this holdup. However, there are steps that you can take to trace your missing money. If you still haven’t received your CTC stimulus payment, you can check the Update Portal and search for clues regarding your payment. In case you have switched banks or recently moved, you need to update the necessary information and data on the tool of the IRS. Then you will be able to understand whether you are eligible for missing payment. 

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Another reason can be that your previous tax returns have already disqualified you during previous years. Update your current banking information with other necessary details on the portal to get your cash faster! The first check regarding your CTC stimulus check was issued by the IRS on 15th July. However, some eligible parents have still not received their payments. It is possible that you would get your money on some other day, even when you are eligible for the payments. There could also be a problem with your banking information or mailing address!

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