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Travis Barker Comments On His ‘Life Threatening Pancreatitis’

Travis Barker had to be hospitalized recently and has now confirmed the reports stating that it was because of severe pancreatitis. It was bad enough to be deemed life-threatening.

On Saturday, Travis Barker started telling the tale via his stories on Instagram. He said that he had gone for an endoscopy test on Monday without any symptoms. However, following dinner that night, he started suffering from excruciating pain. Ever since then, he has been in the hospital.

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He further revealed that he had to get a “small polyp” surgically removed. The polyp was situated in an extremely sensitive area and specialists usually handled it. However, the procedure resulted in a critical drainage tube linked to the pancreas being damaged. This finally caused a severe bout of pancreatitis.

Travis Barker Feels Grateful

In his stories, he continued by saying that he is extremely grateful that he has been in a much better condition following intensive treatment. Kourtney Kardashian, his wife, also posted her comments on the behalf of her husband in regards to his health struggles. Kourtney detailed that she and Travis had gone for a pre-scheduled endoscopy at the same time. However, only he contracted the life-threatening severe pancreatitis.

She added that she was very thankful to their nurses, doctors, and specialists who treated them during their stay in Cedar Sinari and for caring for her husband wonderfully. According to a previous report by Page Six, On Tuesday, well-wishers initially rushed Travis Barker to West Hills Hospitals and Medical Center. He was then taken to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to get additional care. 43-year-old Kardashian accompanied him throughout.

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Quite a few members of the family have reached out to convey their well-wishes to the musician ever since news broke out about his hospitalization. The list included his 16-year-old daughter Alabama. She has continuously given her followers on social media updates regarding the condition of his father straight from his hospital room.

Several family members have been wishing the musician well since his hospitalization, including daughter Alabama, 16, who kept her social media followers updated on Barker’s condition with a clip from his room.

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