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The Trojan Crypto Wallet Scheme Led To Ban Of 13 Apps

The Trojan Crypto Wallet scheme was launched in May last year and it targeted the users of China with the help of fake websites and social media groups. The firm cybersecurity known as ESET has conducted research that unveiled a sophisticated scheme that enables the applications of Trojan to look like wallets of cryptocurrencies that are very popular in the market. 

How ESET IS Dealing With The Trojan Crypto Wallet scheme?

The Trojan Crypto Wallet scheme takes the help of the operating systems of Apple and Android and specifically targets the users of mobile phones once they download the fake and dangerous application. As per the research of ESET, these nasty applications are made available through random websites and intimate wallets based on crypto-like Trust Wallet, OneKey, Bitpie, Coinbase, MetaMask, and many more. 

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ESET also got the names of 13 such nasty apps that can be found on the Play Store and these application tries to look like the Jaxx Liberty wallet. Google immediately took steps and removed these applications which were installed by people over 1,100 times, and there are even more similar applications and websites revolving around social media. 

The actors posing a threat disseminates through social media platforms like Telegram and Facebook with an objective to steal crypto assets from the victims. ESET has the opinion that this scheme is operated by a group that only intends to target the users of China through numerous Chinese websites. 

As per Lukáš Štefanko, the Trojan Crypto Wallet scheme can be used to steal the funds of victims, and moreover, a new attacker can also eavesdrop on the same network to take all the assets. There has been a suggestion issued by the ESET regarding this threat that traders and investors must install their wallets from verified sources which will always be present on the official website page of the company or exchange.

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