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Truth Social Application Has Been Declared As A Disaster

Donald Trump, the former President of America announced the launch of a technological company, Truth Social, in October, last year. As per his words, he launched Truth Social to take a stand against the big corporate technological companies. He showed everyone that in today’s world, even the Taliban get to write about their views on Twitter, however, his voice was silenced by these social media by banning his account

Reason For Failure Of Truth Social Launched By Donald Trump

The Social Media platform was launched on 21st February, on President’s Day, however, a minimum of 1.5 million users could not use it due to some issues. The social media application, Truth Social, has a resemblance to Twitter, another social media platform from where Donald Trump was banned for influencing his supporters to attack the Building of the United States Capitol. 

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As per Twitter, Trump made a false allegation about the election result which angered the mob and they conducted violence for which he was banned on 8th January last year for a lifetime. Truth social cannot be used by Android users, web browsers, or many people living outside America. As per Joshua Tucker, the application is a total disaster and another unidentified ally of Trump commented that nobody properly knows the condition of the platform and what is going on with it. 

Though on 21st February, Truth Social was downloaded the most, however, the majority of the people could not open it. Though there were rumors that Trump would use the platform to share truths about politics, not much was posted after its launch. 

According to Similar Web, the most famous platforms are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and many more, and Truth Social does not even rank among the top 100 applications. Some experts believe that soon Trump will start posting on it which will be like a relaunch of the app and can still overthrow rivals like Getty and Gab.

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