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Truth Social The Anti-Twitter Platform Is Failing Gradually

The brand new network of social media launched by the former President of America, Donald Trump is known as Truth Social. Truth Social was supposed to be a hit platform specially made for Democrats and Republicans where they could have a healthy discussion without worrying about grand tech censorship. It provides an environment where all the healthy debates would be protected. 

Reasons Why Truth Social Is Not Working Properly

However, even after a month of the launch, the network has become a joke and its share prices are decreasing gradually. Moreover, Donald Trump who launched Truth Social does not even use much. Truth Social was launched after Donald Trump was banned from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter as these platforms could have been used by him to spread hate and encourage violence among the citizens. 

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Trump launched the platform on 21st February after he made a statement about it once before five months. He stated that though the Taliban are allowed to share their views on Twitter, still he as the President was banned which was unacceptable. He was excited that he could share his views on Truth Social without the disturbance of huge tech companies. 

After the launch of Truth Social, there were thousands of people who could not access it. Moreover, the Guardian who tries to access it on 21st February finally got control on 5th March. Even after a month Trump only posted one message which said ‘Get Ready’ to the users. As per sources from the Daily Beast, Trump is very unhappy with the network and has been seen swearing at people about the condition of Truth Social.  

Furthermore, Daily Beast also stated that the platform only gets 300,000 visits every day by users, and as per sources, it has secured the position of 173 in the most popular application category. It is not present in the Google app and also cannot be opened on web pages.

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