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Tupac Shakur Still In The Hearts Of Jada Pinkett And Janet Jackson!

On 13th September 1996, Tupac Shukar was infamously murdered in the city of Las Vegas. He lost his life only three months following his birthday when he turned 25. However, the two closest and famous friends of Tupac Shakur remembered him on Wednesday. He is supposed to turn 50 years old on this day this year. Janet Jackson was the co-star of Tupac Shakur in 1993 when they were shooting Poetic Justice together. 

Tupac Shukar Was Trending Heavily On Twitter On Wednesday!

Janet Jackson posted one promotional picture from this romantic drama. Tupac Shakur was playing the role of her lover in that movie. She put up a heart emoji alongside the picture. By Wednesday on Twitter, Shukar was trending. Jada Smith was also remembering Shukar on Wednesday. Jada has been very frank and clear about the close friendship that she had with Shukar. 

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These two people met on their very first day inside the Baltimore School where they used to attend classes together. They became very close friends in no time. Will Smith was jealous and used to hate the relationship between Tupac Shukar and the actress of the Girls Trip. In an interview with the radio station of New York, Will Smith commented that Tupac and Jada grew up together since childhood and used to love each other a lot.

According to Will Smith, Jada Smith thought of Shukar as the perfect human being. Pinkett Smith said that they were inseparable and very close, but unfortunately due to a fight, they became estranged and had to part ways. In one show, Smith explained how the death of Shakur has ended up affecting her deeply. She expected Shukar to be the last person to leave this planet. 

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