Tusk Ventures Believes That The Metaverse Shouldn’t Be Prone To The Same Mistakes As Most Social Media Platforms

Tusk Ventures
Tusk Ventures

Bradley Tusk, the CEO and founder of Tusk Ventures, has stated that the immense failure to regulate cryptocurrency and social media platforms is quite an indicator of how the metaverse should be handled. In his interview with CNBC’s Closing Bell on Monday, Tusk went on to urge the policymakers in the country to move beyond the Metaverse and bring forth regulations sooner rather than later.

He mentioned that the policies in the US have always been about waiting for the technology to be introduced to gain a solid market fit before a regulation is imposed. 

Tusk Ventures Doesn’t Want Metaverse To Be Making The Same Mistakes

The CEO of Tusk Ventures echoed this sentiment in a blog post which was uploaded the same day, where he wrote that the problems they have been facing by regulating technology companies will surely be reproduced and amplified in the Metaverse. He believes that if one were to consider policing state-sponsored disinformation as hard on Twitter and Facebook- it would be doubly hard when one would try it in 3-D. 

The Founder of Tusk Ventures also stated that while most of the policymakers are quite incapable of developing scientific regulations for the Metaverse until they have a better sense of what the future holds for them, they would be best suited to start by looking at social media and cryptocurrency. 

Tusk Ventures’ CEO was quite an early investor of Lemonade, Uber, and Coinbase. In 2009, he had served as the campaign manager for media mogul Michael Bloomberg in his bid to be re-elected as the mayor of New York City. He has also acted as the former deputy governor of Illinois.