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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Twitter Troll Was Arrested For Election Interference

A Twitter troll, who goes by the name Douglass Mackey was arrested on Wednesday. He has an alter ego, which is more popular, Ricky Vaughn, who is known as an alt-rightist. His charges included, according to a source, interference with the election that stems from the allegations of disinformation voters during the 2016 general election campaigns. He is also known and charged for conspiring with several others. The document read that he disseminated the designs of misinformation, depriving other voters of their voting rights. 

False claims about the election have been surfing the internet for a while now. It may have been nothing new, but it has picked up in velocity and volumes following the 2020 general elections. It has been a huge problem, while this false information keeps surfacing around the waves of social media, like Instagram or famously, Twitter, and other internet forums. The social media platforms this time took it under them to label such misinformation posts or eradicate them from existence entirely. 

The Reaction To The Twitter Crime

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The Twitter troll has sparked a conversation. A journalism professor who specializes in communication technology as well as media law at the Texas University expressed his opinion. He said that he had not seen anything as such information relating to the election, before this, on social media. 

Mackey was jailed and then bailed on a hefty $50,000 bond at a court in Florida. His public defender did not comment on anything yet. He said that there were policies for not speaking about pending cases. The misinformation was only a small aspect of the alt-rightist. He is very well known as a rightist, the movement. He also has a large following, posting anti-Semitic posts all the time. Back in 2016, he was also removed from Twitter for “direct harassment.” He then went on a spree of new accounts, dodging his ban every time, until Huffington Post revealed the identity of this Twitter troll.

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