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Friday, December 9, 2022

Two Actors From Netflix Series The Chosen One Killed In Mexican Traffic Crash: 6 Others Injured

Two leading actors from the Netflix original series The Chosen One were killed, and six others were injured in an accident in Baja California in Mexico. Juan Francisco Aguilar and Raymundo Gurdano died in the accident.

The Chosen One, first launched in 2019, is a Brazilian thriller based on American Jesus, a comic book series. Netflix has yet to respond to requests for comment. Shooting for the series has been suspended until further notice from the producers of the show.

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Redrum, who was running the filming of the series, has suspended shooting until further information and there is no info either that it will be resumed anytime soon.  Reports indicate that the van in which the crew was traveling crashed and flipped.

The accident took place near the peninsula of Baja California del Sur when they were filming a scene near Santa Rosalia. The victims could not be identified immediately. Later the Dept. of Culture in Baja California gave out the names of Aguilar and Gurdano.

Local Film Industry Has Accused Netflix Of Negligence Following The Death Of The Chosen One Actors

The news of the accident has elicited a furious reaction from the local film industry which denounced Netflix for malpractice. They alleged that it outsources to unreliable companies that take little care of the well-being of the actors. This has resulted in several accidents in the past.

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Netflix has also bypassed the syndicate of Mexican actors, ANDA, and cut corners which resulted in the tragedy, they alleged. Both actors were well-known members of the Mexican film fraternity and the industry was shocked by their death. Netflix has not commented on the incident and has suspended the shooting. The others involved in the accident are in a stable condition.

The chilling and exciting show is based on American Jesus, a comic book series that was first launched in 2019. The original comic-book series, on which The Chosen One is based, was written by Mark Millar and Peter Gross. The storyline follows a child who is informed that he is Jesus Christ and has returned to save mankind.

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