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Sunday, April 18, 2021

TWTR Has Its Estimated Earnings Reduced By Analysts

Twitter Incorporated (NYSE: TWTR) had its EPS for 2021 Q1 estimate lowered by analysts of Truist Securiti on Monday, 29th March. Y. Squali, of Truist Securiti, now predicts a 0.04 USD EPS compared to the previous 0.03 USD from earlier. The firm’s estimates for Q2 and Q3 are 0.03 USD and 0.02 USD respectively.

Stock Commentary On TWTR

TWTR’s most recent posting was on Tuesday. The company reported a 0.38 USD EPS overshooting the generally estimated 0.31 USD given by Thomson Reuters. Twitter reported revenue worth 1.29B USD for Q1, higher than the estimated 1.19B USD. The stock posted a negative equity return at 12.42% with a 31.70% net margin that was negative.

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Several research equity analysts have issued their reports on TWTR as well. Cleveland Research gave a “buy” rating from “neutral” on 1st March. Susquehanna Bancshares increased their price objective for the stock to 70 USD from 58 USD while giving a rating of “positive” on 10th February. Oppenheimer upped their objective price to 70 USD from 58 USD and rated the stock “outperform” on 10th February. Truist Securities increased their rating to “buy” from “hold” and increased their target price to 74 USD from 64 USD on 29th March. TWTR has a general “hold” rating with a 64.06 USD average objective price.

The stock comes with 50.28B USD as its market cap with a 0.86 beta. The lowest and highest in a year is 22.36 USD and 80.75 USD respectively. The simple moving average for 50 days is at 68.62 USD while that for 200 days is at 52.90 USD.

Fox Martha Lane, the Director, sold off 1301 shares at 76.93 USD average price per share, among others. ING Groep NV, Virginia Retirement Systems ET AL, Exchange Traded Concepts LLC, B. Riley Wealth Management Inc., and Kentucky Retirement Systems Insurance Trust Fund all increased their stakes in the stock of Twitter.

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