Tyler Baltierra’ Teen Mom” Says That He Is Happy After Losing 24lbs Body Weight.

Tyler Baltierra

Tyler Baltierra is displaying his physique with pride.

The Teen Mom star, 30, updated his Instagram fans on his fitness adventure earlier this week by disclosing how much weight she’s lost so far to attain his muscle-building objective.

With his before and after pictures, Tyler Baltierra captioned the post saying he was officially done with the cut, and he has managed to drop almost 24lbs without compromising body strength.

According to Baltierra, the initial photograph was shot at the end of March, when he weighed 203 lbs. He weighed 179 pounds in the subsequent photo, which was snapped more recently.

Tyler Baltierra said it makes him excited to see how his next cut will go as he gets all bulked up again. This amazing reality star, who has always been health conscious, said that he had decided to shift his goals for the time being and focus on the aesthetics and muscle building for his upcoming bulk cycle instead of building more strength.

Tyler Baltierra lost 24lbs, Says He Has Been Happy With This Transformation: 

Tyler Baltierra also added that he has to climb a long way up till he reaches his ultimate goal. However, he added that he has promised to go past his fitness journey as it helps him to keep more accountable, and he gets questions from the guys every time.

To conclude his long and well-written caption, Baltierra gave a shoutout to @torrez_jerry08 and @_alexis.jean for helping the star with training and guiding him in his recent cuts.

Since last year, the father of four has posted updates on his fitness quest on social media. He announced on Instagram that he intended to continue living the same way after turning 30 in January.