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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

UBI Payments Decided To Expand Its Program by Offering $1,000 Monthly

Many states and cities across the US have experimented with UBI Payments (Universal Basic Income) programs for over a year. With the expansion of stimulus programs all over the nation, Phoenix of Arizona might implement the UBI Payments. The City Council of Phoenix approved $1,000 monthly payments to low-income families from the close of November. 

Eligibility Phoenix UBI Plan 

The UBI payments program has been on a trial run all over the US for the past 1 year and the Arizonian state, of Phoenix has finally decided to give it a go. The state government has recently made the announcement to offer monthly payments worth $1,000 to families under low-income groups. A lottery system will be used to select the eligible families, all of which are from the low-income category. It is known that 80% of the family of 4 have a median income of $63,200 each year. Hence City Council stated that families in public housing and potential recipients of rental assistance are also eligible. 

Details For Phoenix UBI Payments

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This Universal Basic Income plan will be funded by the Rescue Plan of America Act. As a result, the families who will be chosen through the lottery system will certainly be receiving the state-mentioned income worth $1,000 every month for one whole year. 

This plan has been drawn so that the state can examine the impact of the program on the life of the common people and the state in general. Carlos Garcia, a member of the City Council of Phoenix, shared that they intend on observing the effect of the monthly $1,000 on the selected 1,000 families for a period of 12 months. Post this plan they will take assertive decisions and reach a conclusion on a permanent plan. They are taking proactive measures to find out better results from first-hand subjects.

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