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Friday, July 1, 2022

Unemployment Stimulus Checks Have Ended Leaving Americans Scrambling

Congress had approved of unemployment benefit stimulus checks about a year and a half ago, to aid jobless Americans. However, this weekend, the historic expansion has officially ended. Lawmakers who had extended them earlier are not likely to renew the programs anymore.

Life Seems Impossible Without The Unemployment Stimulus Checks

One of the most significant parts included in the aid effort was a weekly supplemental federal stimulus check for unemployed Americans. Between April and July 2020, the amount was $600. The enhancement was then revived in December. However, the weekly stimulus check amount was reduced to $300.

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Two other programs had also been created by lawmakers to provide further ‘stimulus checks’ related to unemployment. These were the PUA for independent contractors, self-employed, and freelancers; and the PEUC for those whose usual state benefits have been exhausted.

Last month, President Biden allowed states to use relief funds from the federal government to fund extensions for the programs after Labor Day. However, no state has so far intended to do so.

Worryingly, the programs are ending just as the surging Delta variant of the coronavirus is dampening hiring and the economy. In August, 235,000 jobs had been added in the US, which had fallen massively short of expectations.

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Over 8Mn people now have zero compensation for unemployment. A further 2.7Mn people will be paid payments from the state, but will no longer receive the unemployment stimulus check boost worth $300. An estimated 2.7Mn had already lost their unemployment benefit stimulus checks by July when 24 states decided to end their programs earlier than the stipulated date.

An all-time high 10Mn jobs are vacant in America right now. But experts do not expect employments to soar right away. Health concerns and child care have also been major factors when it comes to people reluctant to get back to work.

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