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Uniswap Calls For Easy Transactions

The world’s largest decentralized exchange by volume, Uniswap, is set to allow users to purchase cryptocurrency with debit and credit cards. The firm hopes that this new feature will make it easier for newbie investors and traders to enter the market.

Uniswap, the world’s largest decentralized exchange by volume, will allow users to buy cryptocurrency with debit and credit cards. The platform currently has over $100 million in daily trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap data.

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Uniswap allows users of its platform to trade multiple cryptocurrencies without having to register an account or deposit funds into an exchange wallet prior to making trades.

Uniswap Allows Card Payment For Crypto

It also claims that it does not collect any personal information from users who want to trade on its platform which is completely peer-to-peer (p2p) nature where there are no intermediaries involved in between transactions.

Accordingly people who use Uniswap can choose the types of coins they want for their portfolio within minutes without having any need for setting up an account or verifying their identity details first by submitting KYC documents such as photo ID proofs etc., unlike other centralized crypto exchanges where you have limited access if you do not provide sufficient verification documents when signing up at their website – which may lead some people being unable to buy certain kinds of crypto assets due lack thereof adequate documentation requirements needed before purchasing anything related with cryptocurrencies through certain centralized exchanges like Coinbase & Kraken etc.

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The announcement was made via a press release from the firm on Thursday. The press release was posted on the Uniswap website, as well as on their Twitter, Facebook and Telegram channels.

According to Uniswap’s CEO, Jonathan Baha’i: “Our goal is to make it easier for people globally to access one of the most advanced asset classes in existence today.”

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