University Of Tokyo Offering Courses For The Metaverse

University of Tokyo

The initiative was started to address Japan’s shortage of experts working on quickly advancing technology.

Later this year, the University of Tokyo, known colloquially as Todai, plans to launch several educational programs that will occur in the Metaverse.

The classes will be available to students from high school through adult learners in the workforce, according to a Saturday article from the local news source, The Asahi Shimbun.

The article claimed that the University of Tokyo’s department of engineering and graduate schools connected to engineering would administer the Metaverse study programs rather than its dedicated faculty that confers degrees. Certificates will be given to students who finish the courses.

The University of Tokyo To Launch Training Programs In Metaverse

In addition, university representatives stressed that learning information science and engineering in the Metaverse will enable “anyone, regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic position, and location of residence” to do so.

Although cryptocurrency and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) weren’t specifically mentioned, there may be some mention of blockchain-based platforms, given that the industry is frequently linked to the Metaverse and has several well-known metaverse companies.

Students in junior high and high schools will be given an overview of the topic and instructed on possible career paths in engineering, science, and other related fields. They will learn the material through a combination of online and in-person lessons.

Through relevant online courses at the University of Tokyo focusing on next-generation communication technology, entrepreneurship education, and artificial intelligence (AI), university students and those currently in the workforce will have the chance to upskill.

As locals develop creative uses for the technology, there have been some significant Metaverse applications in Japan during the past few months.

Japan Today reported on Monday that the Fukuoka-based JACFA support group had opened a virtual support room on the SecondLife Metaverse platform. The organization focuses especially on reintegrating Hikkikomori, who are essentially reclusive persons who refuse to leave their houses, back into society.