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Update About New Water Stimulus Check Proposed By Maryland

A brand new proposal was launched yesterday by the Human Service Department of Maryland to financially assists poor and middle-class people to pay their water bill. A stimulus check payment worth $2,000 will be distributed to needy, eligible families under the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program. This stimulus check will be provided to families whose bills of water have been due for more than 30 days. 

A Water Stimulus Check Worth $2,000 Will Be Granted Soon

In the words of Lourdes Padilla, the Secretary of the Department of Human Services, the Government would not let any family or kids suffer without water to drink as this is one of the necessities of life. The new water bill program has been launched in Maryland to increase the access of low-income families to get water and be able to afford it. 

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As per the MDHS, this stimulus check will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis which means the families coming for the check will receive it as long as the funds are not getting exhausted. However, to be eligible for this program, the families must fulfill some requirements as stated by the Department.

Families whose water supply has been discontinued as they could not clear their bills will be assisted by this fund. Moreover, this direct payment can also be allotted for the reconnection of the water supply in the houses of poor people. The families must have received an application of notice from the wastewater or water services that the supply has been cut off as a result of the failure of payment. 

There can be even cases, where some families are struggling as they cannot pay their current bill of water supply or any other household bills. In these cases also the Department would grant stimulus check payments for assisting them temporarily till they can be self-sufficient again.

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