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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Stimulus Check Demanded By Almost 3 Million People

As per estimations, 3 million citizens of the United States of America have agreed on the demand for the recurring stimulus checks to be paid to them. The amount that they are demanding is 2000 USD. The demand continues despite the fact that there has been no such indication given by the federal government.  

Stimulus Check Justifications

The online petition that was started in order to streamline the demand for recurring stimulus checks until the end of the coronavirus pandemic has gained more than 2,710,000 supporters. This takes place as the lawmakers of the state of Washington are too occupied discussing the possibility of the recurring federal payment that reaches nowhere. The one who started the petition was Stephanie Bonin.

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She kicked off the initiative in the year 2020. In the petition, Bonin has described the importance of stimulus checks. She mentions the day-to-day economic struggles faced by the normal citizens of the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. She also gave an update on the latest situation of the people. Bonin stated that not most of the Americans received the money provided by the government. As per her information, the actual rate of unemployment in the country as of now is 20%. To justify the demand for the recurring checks, it has also been stated that most of the people were still facing debts as of the year 2020. These were for basic utilities like child care and rent.  

Stephanie Bonin has also provided a new solution for the stimulus checks which is the automatic generation of money. And this is to reduce dependency on the government. According to the process, it should be programmed in such a way that the money is transferred to the bank accounts of the people if there is any such situation creating economic hardships in the country.

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