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Valereum Acquires Juno To Expand Crypto-Fiat Bridge

Valereum, a tech group based in Gibraltar, has announced their recent acquisition of Juno Group- a company that would help in the administration of trusts. The company, it has been noted, also helps with money management and enterprise creation in the nation of Gibraltar.

Juno is a company that this blockchain describes as having a few areas of operation which are heavily licensed- the management of trust and other entities, the administration of cash for a whole range of activities that would include both cryptocurrency transactions and fiat, and the management and incorporation of businesses in the country and other countries it is based in around the world.

Valereum’s Bid Could See A Big Upgrade in the Crypto World 

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This agreement would definitely be a step forward towards creating a fully regulated link between the crypto and the fiat worlds, according to the press release from Valereum, which would further complement the work of this blockchain with relation to the Gibraltar Stock Exchange. 

In October of 2021, Valereum did reveal its major intention of acquiring the Gibraltar Stock Exchange– which was a regulated exchange that has sought to distinguish itself by pursuing most of the regulated digital assets.

The regulators of the peninsula have been currently evaluating the bid of this blockchain to acquire the exchange in the new year- which should lead to the world’s first integrated bourse where the common bonds could be traded at the same time alongside major other cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Bitcoin. 

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After the acquisition of Juno took place, Alan Gravett, the board member of Valereum stated that he would be assuming the chair position of this company. The only requirement left is approval from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. 

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