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Valerie Bertinelli Breaks Down After Hearing Hate Comments Involving Her Weight

Valerie Bertinelli broke down on Thursday following hate comments about her weight. She expressed her sadness over the comment and pleaded with the mass to be sensitive.

The 61-year-old pointed out that she mistakenly read the comments while browsing a video. The comment pointed towards the fact that Bertinelli was fat and she needed to shed pounds. This made Valerie Bertinelli dejected as she criticized the comment of being insensitive.

Valerie Bertinelli Criticize Fans For Body-Shaming, Asks Them To Show Compassion

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Bertinelli uploaded a video where she pointed out the need for the mass to stop shaming the body of a woman. She said that people should understand that if an individual is having extra kilos, there must be a reason for it. She exemplified herself by saying that she has been fighting with her weight issues throughout her life.

Valerie Bertinelli stated that at one point in time she thought of erasing her stories on Instagram. However, she decided against it and asked her fans to be kind. After the incident, the star was ushered in with love from different spheres of social media & society. Her son expressed his love for her and called her mom “Perfect”. A co-star of Valerie added that she was gorgeous, very much inspiring, and her works acted as encouragement for those in the industry. Demi Lovato reciprocated love and support in writing as well.

Bertinelli addressed her followers thanking them to be by her side in tough times. She emphasized the need to be kind and expressed joy on finally being able to come out f the negativity. Valerie Bertinelli opened up about her upcoming venture. An inspiring script reflecting the real-life struggles of Valerie will surely be worth reading.

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