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Cellar Violinist Vera Lytovchenko Inspires International Audience, Violinist In Ukraine Bomb Shelter Becomes Sensation

Violinist Vera Lytovchenko has turned into an internet icon inspiring the people of Ukraine and winning plaudits for her heroic gesture. The cellar violinist remains trapped in the dank bomb shelter of a residential apartment in besieged Kharkiv.

Vera Lytovchenko became an internet hit as clips from her impromptu solo violin concerts haunted the dank bomb shelter. It has inspired an international audience through the reach of the internet.

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The Russians began the relentless bombing of the city of Kharkiv, in northeastern Ukraine, a couple of weeks back. Lytovchenko, her father, a professor, and other neighbors descended to the safety of the basement shelter.

Vera Lytovchenko says that Russian bombs were falling everywhere on Kharkiv, and so they decided to remain in the underground shelter. Vera, 39, was communicating via skype and spoke during a lull in the bombing.

Vera Lytovchenko Began Her Concerts To Inspire Her cellmates Who Included Children

Around 12 people remain in the shelter, Vera Lytovchenko said. They include teenagers and little boys. There was also an old woman, she said.

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Vera Lytovchenko realized that holding small concerts would distract their attention from the war raging over the ground, and lift their spirits. They are all my brothers and sisters, Vera says. She says that she wanted them to concentrate on things other than the war.

She then decided to post the recitals, starting with the serenity of Vivaldi, to even a folk song. The immense response on Facebook has surprised her. There were 40,000 views and as many on YouTube. She said that she had been posting to reach out to friends and relatives, like her aunt who lives in Kyiv.

Vera Lytovchenko says that her friends live in various parts of Ukraine. She returned to her home during a brief lull in the war. She said that she was pleased to be in the sunlight after days in the dank basement. She said that she, along with her neighbors, were lucky to have access to food and heating down in the cellar.

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