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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Victoria Fuller, The Star Of Bachelor In Paradise, Is Now Dating Gregg Grippo

Victoria Fuller has publicly confirmed that she is now in a relationship with Gregg Grippo.

The star of Bachelor in Paradise did appear at the reunion that was aired on Tuesday night, where Jesse Palmer, the host of the show had asked the star about the rumors that abound about her romance- after the pair did get pretty flirtatious online.

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The star declared that she and Gregg were together before she also mentioned that she absolutely didn’t cheat on Johnny DePhillipo- whose proposal she had accepted at the end of the reality series. However, Johnny had a completely different idea of the entire situation, for he stated that he considered someone talking to someone else whilst being in a relationship as emotional cheating of sorts. 

Victoria Fuller Has Confirmed Her Relationship With Gregg Grippo

After Johnny left the stage, it was up to Grippo to clear the air around Victoria Fuller. The 29-year-old reality star stated that they had been friends for quite some time now, and they had met through mutual friends. He also added that they had started dating after the entire reality series reached a conclusion.

He continued by stating that there was a particular moment when they both felt like the other was interested in them. Incidentally, their first date took place in Rome. And while some of us may think that this was quite bizarre, the pair explained that they had chosen their first date overseas simply because they wanted to avoid spoiling the show for the viewers. But that didn’t work out for they were still snapped abroad by tourists. 

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Nevertheless, both Victoria Fuller and Gregg Grippo know that the timeline of their relationship didn’t look the best, but they also realized that this was nobody else’s business- so it didn’t really matter if others understood it or not. 

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