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Vivo Recently Announced their OriginOS- a Completely Revamped Version of their Android Skin

Vivo recently spoke about their newest Operating system which is Android-based- at one of their developer conferences held in China. The Operating system, referred to as the OriginOS is heralded as the successor to the FuntouchOS- but it comes with a complete overhauling of the designs. This OS prioritizes widgets- whilst setting them up in a complete grid-like layout. Vivo has also mentioned that the widgets would be updating themselves through ‘nano alerts’. In one of the official statements from Vivo, the company mentioned how the very existence and formation of OriginOS has been centered around three different facets of smartphone consumer demands- smoothness, design, and convenience. The entire idea behind OriginOS is to repurpose the same old features in a completely new design that is going to guarantee the ultimate smartphone experience. 

Where Does Vivo’s OriginOS Stand with the Apple iOS?

Amongst all the skinned versions out there- especially with Android- the FuntouchOS of Vivo seems to be which obviously has the most thrall to iOS. The color palettes, the notification design, and the transparency- all look similar. The tile-based approach to widgets that OriginOS prefers is also quite similar to what Apple brought out with its iOS 14. But Vivo has staunchly maintained that their grid-like style has been derived from the Huarong Dao- a Chinese version of the sliding block puzzles from Klotski.

Vivo OriginOS
Vivo OriginOS
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Vivo has also mentioned that the OriginOS is going to be much less resource-intensive than the previous OS. Although there is not much information regarding the specifications of the OS- and most of the users have to test it out on their own, there has been a mockup of the OriginOS that Vivo displayed. The mockup was running itself on an X50 flagship phone. Incidentally, Vivo also hasn’t rolled out a release date yet. 

What Are Some of the Features of the New OriginOS?

But some information has still leaked through the channels. As many as 26 new gesture combinations have been inserted into the new OriginOS. In the event of any mobile payment, a SuperCard feature shows up on the bottom of your cell phone screen. Behavioral wallpapers, too, have been added to the home screen- something that is going to keep changing according to the weather conditions. The OriginOS might also have wallpapers that would be able to mime several motions added to color changes in the clock- strictly based on the wallpaper. 

The OriginOS widgets are entirely customizable, as users will determine the size of their widgets so that they fit comfortably on their screens. The software for the camera has undergone several changes as well. This OS is not only smoother, but also has quite a few animations, and icons. 

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Currently, there is no definite word on its global availability or the models that are going to receive this update for the OriginOS. But, it is going to be quite interesting to see how they end up faring due to the software inbuilt in them. 

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