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Vogue Special Edition: New Kamala Harris Cover Pacifies Critics

Vogue fashion magazine published a new digital cover featuring Kamala Harris. This came after the previous one faced disastrous criticisms from netizens, magazine readers, and critics. The latest edition of February’s issue is named the Inauguration Day special edition. 

On Tuesday, Vogue announced that they would print limited copies of the new digital cover. The previous regular print issue, which also featured the now Vice President Harris, had raised disagreement among online critics. In that cover, Harris can be seen wearing an attire designed by Donald Deal and Converse Sneakers, which gives her an overall casual look. The idea behind it was to follow her widely popular classic style. Unlike the previous cover, the newer one shows Harris wearing an elegant Michael Kors suit with an American flag pin. The new digital cover is considered by many as more graceful and confident compared to the previous one.

Vogue’s Reaction To The Criticism

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Kamala Harris is the first Black-South Asian woman to be the Vice President of the United States. She became widely known ever since she became the Vice President-elect of the US. Expressing strong disapproval on the first magazine cover, which also showed a pink backdrop, many put their fingers on racism and misogyny behind the photography. The regular print edition was further criticized after it was known that Harris’s team did not like it as well.

Despite all the ongoing dispute, Anna Wintour defended their decision. She nevertheless made a statement, mentioning she understood the reaction. She said that the photograph represented Kamala’s authentic and friendly nature. It is the specialty of the Biden administration. Tyler Mitchell, the photographer of both the covers, happens to be the first black African American photographer of Vogue. The representatives of Vogue did not make any comment regarding the ongoing criticisms of covers and publication of the new digital edition.

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