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Wall Street Analysts Have Given The Stocks Of BPOP A Rating Of Buy

The multiple stocks of BPOP have been given a Buy rating by close to seven research analysts who have been covering the firm. According to reports, five of the analysts gave the rating of buy to the company. They also instituted a target price of $59.50 on the stocks of the company. 

The Quarterly Earnings of BPOP

There have been quite a few research firms that have commented on the stocks of BPOP. TheStreet has already increased the rating of the company from a rating of c to a rating of b- in a note that was published on the 5th of October. Piper Sandler has also elevated the price target on the company from $60 to $62, along with a rating of overweight on the stocks of the company. Zacks Investment Research was also one of the companies that have a rating of buy after previously settling on a rating hold. The price objective set on the company has been $63. In the end, UBS Group also followed the bandwagon in putting up a rating of buy after previously settling on a rating of neutral.

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The stocks of BPOP traded on Monday at $60.30. The market cap of BPOP has been fixed at $5.08 billion, with a 10.81 PE ratio, and a 1.24 beta. The moving average price of the firm over the course of 50-days is $55.06, while the moving average price of the company over 200-days is $43.47. The year low of Popular is $23.69, while the year high has been set at $61.86. 

28th October saw BPOP publishing their quarterly results. The company had already hit upon an EPS of $2, which was more than the consensus of around $1.11. The return on equity for the firm was 8.51%, along with an 18.66% net margin. 

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