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Thursday, March 23, 2023

WatchOS 7: Here’s Everything That Your Apple Watch Is Capable Of

With the most recent WatchOS 7 upgrade, Apple Watch has truly hit a home run. All these features were introduced during the Worldwide Developers Conference back in June. And these fully operational features were later released in September. Some of these features have been on the user’s demands for several years now. They include sleep tracking, workout options, and some new watch faces. 

WatchOS 7 update is compatible with the latest Series 3 from Apple Watch. It is currently priced at $169. We should also note that some of these features will exclusively function in Apple Watch Series 5. 

On-Device Sleep Tracking

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Now, users won’t have to rely on third-party apps to track their sleep through Apple Watch. WatchOS 7 Upgrade will install a native sleep tracker into your Apple device. Moreover, the feature will also help you fall asleep faster by providing you a calming routine. This means that your smartwatch will monitor your heart rate and motion to detect if you have fallen asleep. And if you have, your Apple Watch will shit off your device’s notifications. 

Your Apple Watch needs to be changed at least to its capacity of 30 percent for you to use the sleep tracking feature. You will have to charge it again in the morning. 

Your Apple smartwatch will also tell you when it is fully charged. 

Fitness Features Under WatchOS 7

Apple Watch
Apple Watch
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Your Apple Watch is finely tuned to monitor your calorie loss. In addition to that, WatchOS 7 Upgrade has added core training, cooldown mode, strength training, and dancing in its specialized options. This means that you can accurately track your fitness progress and goals. 

Apple Maps will also allow cyclists to navigate routes through the number of hills, distance, and time. Furthermore, your activity app has been transformed into a Fitness app under the latest WatchOS 7 Upgrade. 

Your Apple Watch Will Now Remind Your To Wash Your Hands

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, many companies have tried to upgrade their products to meet the needs of the time. With Apple Watch’s latest feature, it looks like the company is far ahead of its competitors.

With the WatchOS 7 upgrade, your smartwatch will remind you to wash your hands every time you come home. Moreover, it will also detect your hand motion and monitor the duration of your hand wash. As per the CDC, you need to wash your hands at least for as long as 20 seconds to ward off the coronavirus. 

New Watch Faces

With the latest update, you can create your Watch face and even share it with your friend through email, social media, or text message. Third-Party apps are still not allowed. 

WatchOS 7 has truly revolutionized Apple Watches.

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