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Wendy Williams Attacks Wells Fargo For Feezing Her Account

Wendy Williams wants her money back and in a rare video has hit out at people once close to her and her bank of colluding to declare that she is of unsound mind and keep her away from her rightful claim.

The host of numerous talk shows has demanded answers in her video clip after the bank froze her accounts following claims that she needed a guardian.

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Wendy Williams said that both Wells Fargo and her former financial adviser Lori Schiller have not been forthcoming when she has asked for her money. In a clip posted on Instagram, she said that they have colluded to gorm a guardianship petition by which they want to keep her away from her money.

Wells Fargo And Schiller Have Colluded To Freeze Wendy Williams

Schiller and Wells Fargo have frozen the account of the show host by claiming that she wasn’t of sound mind and was not in a physical state to take care of her affairs. But Wendy Williams has said that it was not right to declare her of unsound mind and said that the whole move was unfair.

Wendy Williams has also addressed Bernie Young, her ex-manager. She alleged that he used her American Express card to employ a lawyer to file a case against her.

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Young applied in court to be Wendy Williams’s legal garden claiming that she was suffering from serious health issues. Williams did not reply directly to the claim but accused Young of not being up to any good and said that the whole issue was not fair.

She also spoke of her health issues saying that her medical records were sent directly to Schiller and she never got to know the exact diagnosis. She says that she fired that doctor.

Wendy Williams was especially scathing in her attack on Wells Fargo saying that the bank was using various stuff to crate guardianship over her, which she said was certainly unfair.

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