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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Wendy Williams Is Back

Wendy Williams is back! The talk-show host returned to her “Wendy” set recently, just in the nick of time.

On Monday, Williams returned to her “Wendy” set for the first time since announcing she was leaving rehab. She told viewers that she was feeling great and happy.

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“It feels good to be back here in my purple chair, happy to be back with you guys,” she said. “I want to thank each and every one of you who has sent me supportive messages on social media — especially those of you who have been here with us on this journey through the years … Thank you all so much.”

The talk show host also thanked her family members, including husband Kevin Hunter and daughter Dakota Hunter: “You know I love each and every one of you!”

“I want to thank everyone who supported me during this time,” she told the audience. “You guys helped me through a very difficult time. The fan mail and the messages I received while I was in rehab were so beautiful and heartfelt. They really touched my heart and made me realize how important it is to be nice to one another, especially in this world right now where there are so many people who could use some kindness and compassion.”

Wendy Williams Returns

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The message was clear: Williams can’t wait for her fans’ support as she continues on her journey toward healing both physically and emotionally.

“It feels so good to be back,” she gushed to the audience. “God was sitting on my shoulder and I listened. I’m feeling great. I have a renewed energy for life, for my work, for my family and friends and for men. I’m a woman in progress and I’m happy about where I am now.”

Wendy Williams is back on her purple chair after exiting rehab for her opioid addiction.

Wendy Williams was reportedly living in a sober house in Queens, New York since January as she battled her addiction to prescription painkillers and alcohol. The talk show host opened up about the decision to enter treatment during an interview with People last month, revealing that she had relapsed after getting out of rehab.

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