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What Does Parler Have To Do With The Freedom Of Speech?

John Matze, the founder of Parler, which has become an alternative to Twitter, had something to say about the freedom of speech over the social media platform. He stated that all sorts of unsavory content flowed due to the social media platform’s freedom of expression commitment. According to the Wall Street Journal, he was particularly horrified by the QAnon people. 

Matze also spoke about the “conservative-freedom of speech” issue. It is a well-known issue that there is an ongoing tension that conservatives in the US try to move ahead as the advocate of free speech. 

Parler, Free Speech, And The Politics Around It

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The associate professor at the University of Delaware, Wayne Batchis said that free speech was actually degrading. It only meant having personal beliefs dragged through the dirt of proverbs.

The First Amendment of the American Constitution introduced the Freedom of Speech. Free speech is also associated with religious fervor. This is done by the users of Parler, the Twitter alternative that was introduced two years ago.


According to a post of Dan Bongino, the investor of Parler and a Conservative podcaster, free speech was not supported by the totalitarians as well as the liberals. He made multiple posts regarding the subject this week. 

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Batchis, had to say something about the aforementioned statement. According to him, the statement was a generalization that was not a fact. And, according to his research works from over the last half-century, both in the judiciary and in politics, the free speech script had been flipped. This was done by both the conservatives and the liberals.

Batchis, furthermore said that there existed a leftist group who was willing to control free speech. And, Parler was taking advantage of the situation. Conservatives, who were of the opinion that Twitter and Facebook were silencing their voices, were getting appealed by Parler.

Dan Gainor, the TechWatch vice-president at the Reston based non-profit, Media Research Center, gave a statement regarding the conservatives in social media. Media Research Center is an organization that tracks censorship issues on the Censortrack.org website. The vice-president said that the anger of the conservatives was growing on social media platforms, following the elections of 2016. 

Gainor can see from a broad point-of-view as he is a user of both Parler as well as Twitter. Owing to this fact, he said that people are concerned about the hate speech that offends them on their feed. This, he says, can easily get fixed by fixing the user settings according to personal interests. 

According to the suggestions made by Batchis, concerning the conservatives of the future on Parler, they had to remember that the mission of the American Civil Liberties Union is to protect the free speech that is hated.

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