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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

What’s Delaying The $600 State Stimulus Check For Californians?

The $600 stimulus check announced by Governor Gavin Newsom is still to reach residents of the Golden State. It has been 2 months since Gov. Newsom announced the extra stimulus for around 2/3rd of its residents who it seems have to pause longer for the payments.

The Golden State Stimulus Program has dispersed $3.8B worth of stimulus checks to populaces in the low-income category through a one-off payment. Middle-class citizens were set to get the same amount in the second round of the payments. The middle-class were deemed as residents earning $75,000 maximum. An additional $500 is to go out to the qualifying residents who have a dependent.

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These additional payments are funded by Gov.Newsom’s California Comeback Plan, a $100 billion recovery package, and the largest ever in California’s history.

California’s Budget Spare Of $75.7B Funds State Stimulus Check

Governor Newsom has pledged California’s budget surplus worth $75.5 billion to the pandemic recovery of the state. He expects the Golden State to come roaring back by taking care of the core issues facing the state. They include homelessness, housing affordability, economic relief, public education, and infrastructure relief.

California has been among the states hit hardest by the pandemic has reopened to widespread relief all around. Gov. Newsom had announced on May 11 that two-thirds of Californians would get a check of $600 and an additional $500 if there was a kid in the family.

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But Newsom has not yet signed the proposal into law. The governor’s signature is critical for the budget to move forward and is preventing the stimulus checks from reaching residents of the state. An official under Gov. Newsom said that more information would be given once the planned budget was finalized.

Experts have pointed out that the state officials have a poor track record at managing and administering policies and have pointed to a lack of effective management at the state administrative level.

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