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WhatsApp Will Launch ‘Communities’ To Increase Group Chats Activities

WhatsApp, the free, multiplatform messaging application has recently declared a feature of new Communities that will provide new functionality in group chats. These new features will include reactions by emojis, audio and video call for the group, file sharing, and many more. In the official post by WhatsApp, the Communities that they are launching will come out in the second half of this year. This new feature will help bring similar groups together so that meaningful connection and conversation occur more privately and conveniently. 

What New Features Will Be Added By WhatsApp In ‘Communities’?

As per WhatsApp, majority of the people all over the world now rely on this app as a primary communication medium to keep people updated. School groups of parents, workplace groups, or local clubs all need to have a more privatized communication which will be different from all other social media platforms. The new feature will also give new tools that will allow real conversations as compared to broadcast or email.  

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The Community in WhatsApp will contain a short description of the nature and purpose of the community and then there will be groups and sub-groups which must be chosen by the people as per their desire. All the groups will be encrypted and hence people can talk about anything they feel like without the fear of that information getting public. 

Among new tools and tricks that they have added, audio call with a total of 32 people is the best way to improve engagement and connection. These people in the audio call can cut the call anytime they like. Moreover, some admin features have also been included to moderate controls and manage each and every call. 

Reactions are coming in huge amounts and thus, they have also incorporated the reaction tools in the Community for people to be more engaged in chats. There will also be some limits on message forwarding which will prevent people from being spammed with text messages.

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