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Why Is Stimulus Check Demanded ?

The department of the IRS has already generated over 169 million stimulus check payments. This was in the third batch of the payments. And they generated a total of 2.3 million financial aid payments in the month of July. The total amount of the payment was 1,400 USD per head.

However, a number of senators belonging to the Democratic party submitted their letter demanding for the recurring stimulus checks to be provided to the people of the country. The first two rounds of the payments were provided during the administration of Donald Trump, the former president of the country. The federal government provides financial support to the people in the form of so many checks. 

Stimulus Check Needs

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Following the intense rise in cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus pandemic, the much-demanded stimulus checks might be an option in the country. The virus has already begun infecting the economic life of the countrymen. The rate of unemployment has increased as compared to that from the month of June when the infection rate was not that high in the country. At present, it is 5.2%.

About 20 senators belonging to the Democratic Party have consistently voiced their demands for the financial aid payments to be provided to the citizens. They want the federal government to provide a total of 2000 USD stimulus checks to the people. However, until now, the White House has not displayed any such interest in the subject. The senators who are pushing for the money are Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. According to them, the 1400 USD check that was provided to the citizens is not enough to survive the economic hardships. Economists too have come out in support of the stimulus check payments. 

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