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You Should Claim Your Stimulus Check Payment Now!

According to recent news, one has little time before claiming their stimulus check payment or the enhanced child tax credit money.

While most of the families in the country have already received their payment by now, there is still a large section of the population that hasn’t received the money yet. Now, if you are one amongst the many that haven’t received the money, you might want to take some action soon- for time is running out.

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For a lot of individuals out there still waiting for the payments, one of the reasons why they are facing a delay could be because they have never filed or were never required to file for their taxes. The IRS previously used the tax returns in order to determine the eligibility for these payments. And if you think you fall into any of the categories, the deadline to receive the money is coming up soon.

Check Out The Deadline For the Stimulus Check Payment

Remember, the deadline for receiving the money would also be dependent on whether you have received and filed a tax return or not. Usually, you will not have the requirement of filing for your taxes if you are single and have earning below $12,550 per year.

One would have until the 15th of November to complete a simplified tax return which would allow one to stake a claim on the missing stimulus check payment or the child tax credit money if they are not typically required to file any of the taxes. The deadline is roughly a month from now, so there is still ample time for people to act- with the IRS keeping the website open till the 17th of November. 

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One needs to also keep in mind that if they have already filed a tax extension earlier this year or haven’t filed it yet, their deadline for submitting the tax return would be on the 17th of October- which would allow them to receive a stimulus check payment.

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