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Young Indian Youtuber Goes On A ‘Run With Bitcoin’ World Tour

Young Indian YouTuber, Hitesh Matlani is on a world tour, aiming to cover the world and also show the power of Bitcoin to the crypto community. Paco de la India is always on the lookout for people and places that will accept Bitcoin payments for transport, food, accommodation, and gear.

He reveals every transaction that he manages to make with cryptocurrency and at the same time regales viewers with his hiking and other travel adventures.

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The YouTuber’s journey has been one of both challenge and satisfaction. He misplaced his apartment key while on the Sri Lankan leg of the tour. He had to ask the owner for a spare key and have a duplicate one made in a neighboring town.

A power outage in the city delayed him, and he got talking with the locksmith. He accepted Satoshi, the smallest of the Bitcoin units, as payment from the YouTuber for his work.

Paco de la India talks of people trying to swindle him on the belief that Bitcoin owners are rich and have plenty of liquid cash.

The YouTuber Plans To Visit 40 Countries Using Only Bitcoin As His Currency

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The YouTuber has to date visited 8 of his final goals of 40 different countries and is presently on a tour of Africa. He plans to see if he can survive exclusively on Bitcoin as payment in all the countries that he visits.

It is also his way of popularizing Bitcoin in all the places he visits and winning over more Bitcoin converts. This YouTuber started out from Bengaluru, a city in South India, and picked up tips from the accounts of pioneers who traveled before him.

He was particularly inspired by the travels of Nellie Bly, the adventurist who journeyed around the world at the end of the 19th century within 73 days.

The YouTuber had taken up odd jobs before he learned about Bitcoin and decided to take the plunge. He started out with no conventional currency. He converted around $200 into Bitcoin by selling his furniture. He plans to travel to 40 countries within 400 days using Bitcoin as his sole currency.

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