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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Your 3rd Stimulus Check Might Come With Another Bonus Payment!

If you have already received your stimulus check that is based on the tax returns of 2019, there is some amazing news for you. You would also be eligible to receive extra money as one of the plus-up payments. This is all happening while the tax returns of 2020 are still getting processed. You will receive your additional money once the tax returns of 2020 have already been processed. 

More Details On Your Stimulus Check!

The IRS stated that this round of stimulus relief also includes the 1st ongoing payments made to people, who in March have already received their payments. These payments were made out to them based on the recently processed tax returns of 2020. The two reasons why you would be eligible for another bonus payment in your third stimulus check are that you have a decrease in your income of 2020 from your income of 2019 and you have a new dependent child who wasn’t there on the returns of 2019. On 1st April, these announcements were made regarding additional payments inside the third stimulus check. 

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The third stimulus check would also be going out to the people, on whom the IRS had no information previously. Now, the people who have filed their returns are eligible to receive the stimulus check along with the additional payment. If you haven’t yet filed your report, don’t worry, you will still get the payments. The tax returns of 2020 and 2019 are still getting processed. The additional payments inside the third stimulus check will be made every week. The present batch consists of over four million payments, which amount to the sum of over $10 bn. This is according to the IRS and its released statement to the press.  

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