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Friday, January 27, 2023

Your Stimulus Check Or Tax Refund Now Delayed!

Your stimulus check and tax refund are now delayed, thanks to the flagging of tax returns due to identity theft. The delay is occurring across the United States. Last Year, around 5.2M tax refunds were flagged by the IRS due to fraud. 

Reason Behind The Delay Of Your Stimulus Check!

According to a report published by the Advocate Service of the Taxpayer, this figure has become nearly twice the figure it was in 2019. The report further states that out of all the refunds that were flagged, around 1.9M were marked solely regarding identity screening. Due to this dilemma, your stimulus check or tax refund is now delayed across the United States.

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Although the total number of all the tax refunds that were flagged remains huge and frightening, a major portion of those returns doesn’t seem to be fraudulent. This is according to the report published by the Advocate Service for the Taxpayer. The Advocate Service for the Taxpayer is a completely independent entity inside the IRS. Around 63% of the total number of pinned refunds due to identity theft have turned out to be legitimate. 

The taxpayers will receive letters from the IRS if the IRS believes that they are exhibiting fraudulent behavior. Until the taxpayer responds to the letter by the IRS, the IRS won’t be able to send them their refunds or process their tax returns. This is the primary reason behind the delay of your stimulus check. Around eighteen percent of the total refunds that were flagged due to identity verification took over a hundred and twenty days to get cleared. Your stimulus check can get delayed just like this. This is according to the report published by the Advocate Service for the Taxpayer. Online filers take around 21 days to see the refunds and verify them. 

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