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Your Stimulus Check Can Have An Extra Payment Of $1,400 In 2022!

This year, the fourth stimulus check seems like a rare possibility. This is due to the magical recovery of the US economy which got affected last year due to the pandemic. However, all of this does not signal that you won’t receive another stimulus check. There are some Americans who still have some funds to receive. 

Eligibility For Receiving The Additional Stimulus Check!

Some American residents are eligible to receive an extra payment of $1,400 in 2022. However, the negative point is that they have to wait at least until 2022 for receiving such a payment. In March, a new provision of the Rescue Plan of America came to light. The Rescue Plan of America was passed in March. The bill was responsible for issuing a stimulus check of $1,400 to an eligible struggling American.

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This bill has another provision which states that some American residents are eligible to receive an additional payment of $1,400 next year. This is however only possible if you file your tax returns for 2021. This stimulus check will be given to those Americans who had a child after 2021 March. This additional check is being given because the earlier check was calculated on the basis of the tax returns of 2020. 

However, to receive such a check, the parents have to declare their child as dependent on their tax returns of 2021. This is according to the report by Yahoo Finance! This stimulus check having an extra amount of $1,400 will be given out on the basis of some income restrictions. Single filers will have to earn less than $75,00/ year and couples have to earn less than $150,000 to be eligible for this stimulus check. These funds will arrive irrespective of whether you are also a recipient of the Child Tax Credit Program. 

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