YouTuber PewDiePie Faces Backlash After Mocking Deaf TikToker


PewDiePie is getting flack. The Swedish YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, whose real name is Felix, is receiving criticism for allegedly making fun of a deaf TikToker with his most recent video.

The famous YouTuber recently observed Scarlet May, who used American Sign Language to tell a story in the video, which has since been removed but is still available on social media (ASL). But after a few seconds, he said he would not watch this video anymore.

When PewDiePie used his dog to mimic May’s speech and signing, he remarked that perhaps the pug had had the “same crazy nails” as her.

The YouTuber removed the offending segment from the film and re-uploaded that to 111 subscriber base of his after receiving harsh criticism for “mocking” a fellow social media personality.

He neglected to alter the thumbnail for the video, which continued to feature a photo of May.

PewDiePie Facing Backlash After Mocking Deaf TikToker:

PewDiePie realized this too late, as numerous online users were able to record the video and share it.  

Many on social media attacked the famous YouTubers. One person asked why many people are not talking about a famous YouTuber like him making fun of a deaf black woman.

Some people said that PewDiePie mocked the deaf TikTok creator for singing in her Tiktok videos just because the girl had long nails as if the YouTuber just could not be any worse. PewDiePie and his fans were mocked a few years earlier when they took on the country of India, as an Indian music video channel on YouTube gained milestone subscribers before him.

Another netizen shared the clip and added that if someone still like PewDiePie, they should grow up. He added that not only is the YouTuber racist, but he is also mocking a deaf TikToker for having long nails and using sign languages.