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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Zacks Investment Research Has Upgraded the Shares of SHBI to ‘Buy’

The shares of SHBI have been upgraded to ‘buy’ from a rating of ‘hold’ by Zacks Investment Research- something that was given out by the researchers to the investors in a note. The brokerage firm has a price target of $16 on the stock of the bank. The objective price set up by the firm seems to indicate an increase of over 14.37% on the stock of SHBI. As the Investment Research company mentions, SHBI is one of those companies that deals in bank holding. The company has repeatedly engaged in the business of banking using a couple of subsidiaries- The Talbot Bank of Easton, and the Centreville National Bank. 

There have been quite a few equities analysts that have already brought out stock reports on this firm. TheStreet has given the company a rating of ‘b-’, whereas ValuEngine has given the company a rating of ‘hold’ in one of their research reports which was brought on the 18th of November.

The Quarterly Earnings of SHBI

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The SHBI shares opened up on Tuesday, where they were trading down at $0.30. The trading volume of the company had 59,552 shares when it is compared to the average volume of 33,621. The year low for SHBI is $7.63, while the year high for the same is $17.90. The 50-day moving average for the stock is $12.46, while that of 200-day is $10.78. The market cap of the firm is $168.40 million, with the beta at 0.70, and the PE ratio at 10.52. 

The bank had previously issued the results of its earnings on the 22nd of October. The EPS reported by SHBI was $0.27, which comfortably beat the estimate put forward at $0.19. The company also had a net margin of 23.83%, with a return on its equity at around 8.53%. The revenue for the firm was $15.90 million, which was also more than what the analysts had predicted. 

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