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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Zendaya Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumours

Is Zendaya expecting a child? The Euphoria actress is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars, and fans have been shipping her and Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland since they made their romance public. Now, rumors regarding Zendaya and Tom’s ‘baby’ are circulating quickly on Twitter, and people are unsure if the story of Zendaya’s pregnancy is true or not.

People assume she is expecting Tom Holland’s child because of a viral TikTok fad. Since the two Spider-Man stars announced their relationship, fans have been rooting for them. People have now believed the rumor that has gone viral on the internet. People are being misled by the TikTok fad, as they are being #Krissed by phony stories featuring her and Tom Holland. A snapshot of Zendaya’s Instagram post about her joy at becoming a mother is seen in the viral video. Kris Jenner appears on screen and taunts the viewer, indicating that the whole thing was a scam.

Zendaya And Tom Holland Are Not Expecting

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On June 13, a TikTok user named Ryan Roberts shared a photo of an ultrasound that appeared to be a snapshot from Instagram, with Zendaya’s Instagram account above it. There is no photo on her Instagram account that matches the TikTok screenshot. After that, the 12-second video shifted to a 2011 film of Kris Jenner twirling and lip-syncing to the tune “Moulin Rouge.” “Send this to your pals to utterly #kris them,” the video description said, using the word “krissed” as a synonym for “pranked.”

Similar films have gone popular in the last week, and 11,000 TikToks with the hashtag “#krissed” have been released as part of the hoax.

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