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ZUUM Shoes: Hover Shoes Offer New Way to Get Around

As an avid watcher of “Shark Tank,” I was enthralled with one of the latest unique services and products to hit the industry: ZUUM tech hover shoes. The gadget enthusiast in me was excited to get my hands on a couple of these hover shoes and hit the streets. Here’s what I came across when reviewing ZUUM shoes.

About ZUUM Tech

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Behind ZUUM Tech are two near lifelong friends, neighbors, and burgeoning entrepreneurs who wanted owning, and managing their particular company. Over many meetings, they developed their product — ZUUM shoes — and went to work making it right into a business.

Since those initial meetings, the set of founders launched a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and debuted on “Shark Tank.” Now, they truly are, and now we have been scrambling around fulfilling orders. It’s something we could haven’t imagined, and we’re just getting started.

ZUUM Hover Shoes

These tech shoes are actually what exactly is known as self-balancing electric skates. They have twin 350-watt motors. Both lightweight (they only weight seven pounds) and portable, ZUUM shoes are made for kids and adults.

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The shoes slip on and also have a power button for easy control. They are TSA-certified so you can simply take them on planes to use in other areas of the nation or world.

ZUUM shoes have cruising distances of up to eight miles and reaches a top speed of eight miles hourly. When you might be on these self-balancing electric skates going that speed, I can verify that it feels faster than that. ZUUMs can continuously be ridden for up to an hour . 5. A full recharge takes up to two hours.  

The durable shoes have a thoughtful design, ensuring that they are able to go the exact distance. A fireproof casing holds the battery. Unlike other electronic transport devices that previously reported catching fire, the ZUUM shoe design ensures that it doesn’t happen.

The company reports that the ZUUMs have been meticulously tested for risk of fire, water damage, and drop damage. The shoes passed with flying colors on all tests.  The shoes were also tested on every type of surfaces to confirm durability.  

How to Ride ZUUM Shoes

The self-balancing electric skates allow you to ride through and over objects. You can ride them inside or outside.

The company recommends wearing proper safety gear before riding as you would with inline skates, skateboards, etc. Once placing them in your feet, switch on both ZUUM Shoes utilizing the power buttons on the side of each and every device.

To maintain balance, put your dominant foot using one of the ZUUM Shoes first. Once you feel you have some balance, then place your other foot on the other device. From there, lean forward when you are ready to move ahead. Or, if you would like to go backward, then lean backward.

I’m a little older at the office — so I held on to someone’s arm first. Then I used the desks to keep when first using these shoes — and that works well. Seriously, you feel as you should be in “Back to the Future,” for anybody who saw that film. I also didn’t want everyone making comments — so I went into the office early to practice. I’d say you will get better quickly using these shoes if everyone isn’t standing around trying to shame you so they can take control and get a turn.

Pros and Cons

These tech shoes are much easier to figure out how to use and ride on than I thought, specially compared to when I tried hoverboards and similar technology. My entire family figured it out in minutes and the peeps at the office continually take way too many turns in it. We tend to fight over who gets the ride next. The “skates” provide a smooth and quiet ride along side good speed. Plus, they’ve an integrated strap that makes them easy to carry. I prefer going straight on these shoes, instead of sideways on some of the hoverboards.

There are similar options on the market that are cheaper albeit they don’t have the same enjoyable ride and technology as ZUUM Tech. Also, I realize they aren’t of necessity a low-cost must-have for many individuals, but they are perfect for the tech lover that has a little expendable income.

Purchase Options

Numerous promotions and discounts are now on the shoes, making them a fairly great deal for the technology and fun they provide. Once coming in at $499.99, they are now $299.99 on ZUUM’s website and through Amazon.

Overall Thoughts

I would recommend ZUUM shoes to anybody looking for something unique and fun so you can get around and luxuriate in a different experience than every other electric or manual transport device. With the lower pricing, the ZUUM shoes are much more accessible to a bigger audience.

Deanna Ritchie

Managing Editor at ReadWrite

Deanna is the Managing Editor at ReadWrite. Previously she worked as the Editor in Chief for Startup Grind and it has over 20+ years of experience in content development.

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