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Track The $10,200 Unemployment Refund Stimulus Check Reaching Your Account

The tax refund stimulus check for those who filed as unemployed in 2020 is yet to reach many accounts. These are mostly the ones who filed their taxes before Biden’s American Rescue Plan had become law.

What Are The Unemployment Tax Refund Stimulus Checks?

The relief bill had included a tax refund worth $10,200. The exemption for federal taxes means that checks for unemployment paid at the time of pandemic are not considered earned income. So the IRS is not paying back refunds for those who overpaid, as a hefty stimulus check. It is also being used by the IRS to cover other owed taxes.

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The unemployment exemption stimulus checks worth $10,200 only applies to individual taxpayers. Their incomes must also have been lower than $150,000 as of the modified AGI. The starting unemployment refund stimulus checks worth $10,200 is tax-exempt. However, anything more than that will be taxable.

Married couples who file jointly can exclude a maximum of $20,400 of the benefits they had received because of unemployment from their taxable earnings. The IRS had started paying out these tax refunds from May. The refund stimulus checks will continue arriving for the entire summer.

An estimated 12 million Americans are affected by the change. The IRS claims no further action is needed. The IRS will automatically re-calculate the tax returns of those who qualify. However, if the tax return has not been filed yet, then report the reduction as soon as possible as unemployment income using Form 1040.

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You can track how far along the refund is, or whether it is on the way, is waiting for the IRS letter that will be sent if your return was corrected. Unfortunately, any refunded stimulus checks or cash cannot be tracked.

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