2023 Stimulus Checks Under Consideration of 7 More Checks

Stimulus Checks

The raging COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty amongst all nations. Then, over the past few years, almost like a light at the end of a tunnel, several states of America launched stimulus checks for their citizens to help them fight the bleak conditions caused by the global pandemic.

States Providing Stimulus Checks To Combat The Pandemic: 

The State of California: 

Based on your income as well as filing status and if there are dependent members, the range of stimulus checks would be $200 to $1,050, only if they have been regular taxpayers of the state. For more information on the stimulus checks, contact the Californian Board of Tax Franchises. 

The State of Idaho: 

The general range of stimulus checks that are being provided by Idaho falls within $250-$1500 if qualified under the various eligibility criteria provided by the state. For details contact the Tax Commission office of Idaho. 

The State of Maine: 

Maine is also providing a huge sum of money as stimulus checks, which for single taxpayers is $450 and for joint payers $900. The checks primarily come under a campaign called the Relief Scheme and would only be eligible up to the end of March. 

The State of New Jersey: 

The deciding factor of this scheme of relief checks is whether the payer is a homeowner or a renter. Titled the ANCHOR Relief Scheme, it will provide rebates of up to $1,500 to homeowners and around $450 to its renters. 

New Mexico: 

For dependent residents and diligent taxpayers, the stimulus checks provided by New Mexico range from $250-$500, under the initial rebates. For the second set, the range is from $500-$1000, depending upon the eligibility requirements. 


The state has a variety of eligibility criteria for the relief checks being provided. However, the general range for homeowners is $250-$650, and for renters, it goes up to $650 while for senior citizens it is about $975.

The State of South Carolina: 

South Carolina, depending upon the criteria of eligibility is set to provide a stimulus check of $800.