4th Stimulus Checks In 2022: Things You Would Need To Do To Get A $1,400 Check This Year

stimulus checks
Tax Refund

There is still a federal stimulus check of $1,400 that you could get in 2022. But those eligible would need to follow certain steps and meet certain criteria before they can be eligible for the payments. These payments will go out to parents of children born, fostered, or adopted in 2021. Families with a new dependent welcomed home in 2021 could also get the stimulus check.

Families meeting the above criteria did not receive a stimulus check as their stimulus checks were dispatched based on either the 2019 or the 2020 financial year. The fresh stimulus check would be a great reprieve to many families as they continue to struggle with no signs of the situation returning to normalcy very soon.

Stimulus Checks Part Of The Rescue Plan

The stimulus checks are also called the Economic Impact Payment and gave a payment of $1,400 to each individual who met the income criteria to be considered eligible. These payments are advance checks of the RRC.

If you are yet to receive part of or the full payment, you are entitled to the pending amount against your 2021 taxes to be filed in 2022.

The initial payment was calculated against the 2019 returns, while it was the 2020 returns that were the basis of the later payments.

So any dependent or child who came to be a part of any family last year was not considered for the check then. It is to these dependents and children that the $1,400 stimulus checks will be given; to their families to be more precise.

All states will get funds to administer these pending payments, but it is for the states to choose how they plan to send this amount.

Dependents under this scheme must be less than 19 in 202, but not if they are still studying. The dependent could be their child, sibling, step-brother or sister, a foster child, half-sister or brother, or any of their descendants.